Andrea Coronel - Cleo

Andrea Coronel - Cleo

Andrea was born in 1981, in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

She teaches acting, produces, performs and directs.

She completed her studies at the Theater Faculty of the Universidad Central of Quito.

Andrea has had experience carrying out several TV-commercials. Further, she gained experience taking part as actress in soap operas, such as "La Hechicera" and "Joselito". She acted in sitcoms such as "Nanny" and "Clifford", aside of drama series like "Destino Final", "Caso Cabrera" and "Emergency", this last one directed by Chilean Alejandro Pinto.

Her theater performances include "Romeo y Julieta (the musical), "El Hombre de la Mancha", "Bodas de Sangre", Zarzuela Luisa Fernanda", "Edipo Rey", "Tartufo", "La Nonna", among others.

She has also been active in movies, and excelled in "Mauela Sáenz", "La Historia de Narcisa de Jesús", "La Doctora" and "Desde Abajo".

Andrea owns and directs an acting school called "Broadway", with which she mounts stage plays, aside of carrying out seminars with assistance of local performers and international directors.

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