Edison Carrera - Judge

Edison Carrera - Juez

Edison Carrera is an Ecuadorian, born in 1948 and based in New York.

He has appeared in over 50 theatrical pieces, among drama, comedy and tragedy, as well as movies, TV commercials and programs.

Edison has earned several prizes: some ACE Awards (Association of NY Theater Critics), HOLA (Hispanic Organization of for Latin Actors in New York), ATI (Association of Independent Artists), Award from the Art, Science, and Literature Academy of France, Mention of Honor presented by NY City; Ecuador-USA accolade for Best Actor, New York's Latin Award for Best Actor of the Year, Art Rewards for Year's Foremost Actor, not to forget Ecuadorian Newspaper El Universo's prize for Actor of the Year.

His recognitions for cinema and TV include: "American Mambo", "Changing Diego", "Empanadas", "The Mexicano" and "De la Vida Real" (an Ecuadorian TV production).

Edison has directed many theatrical pieces, has taught theater arts, and is among NY Latin icons. He is the General Director of "Tocando Puertas" Theater.

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