Scarlette Córdova - María Luisa

Scarlette Córdova - María Luisa

Scarlette was Born in 1994, in El Oro province, Ecuador.

She started out as fashion model, before becoming interested in drama and joining ITV (Superior Institute for Television Studies) to get a degree as a Performance Technologist and Stage Manager.

Scarlette appeared in commercials for private companies, as well as comedies for TC Television and Teleamazonas Channel.

Her theatrical performances include roles in "The Victim", "Mice Assembly", and "A Bad Day" under Víctor Aráuz's direction; "Saturday's Thief", directed by Leopoldo Morales; and "Lolita's Return", conducted by director Nitsy Grau.

In Medardo's film, Scarlette plays "María Luisa".

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