Yarixa Romero - Angela Carrión

Yarixa Romero - Angela Carrión

Yarixa was born in Los Ríos province, Ecuador, in 1993.

She attended ITV (Superior Institute for Television Studies) to become a Technologist, both in Acting and Stage Management.

At her young age, she has contributed significantly in national TV productions for local networks, such as Ecuavisa and TC Televisión. Also, she was part of the cast of "Resaka", Internet's first soap opera produced in Ecuador.

In Theater, she was distinguished with a leading role in "El Regreso de Lolita" (Lolita's Return), under Nitsy Grau's direction. Nitsy, aware of Yarixa's histrionic abilities, did not hesitate to recommend her for the role of "Angela Carrión" in the film Medardo.

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